Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Little Needle Felter

In my last blog I had mentioned how much my daughter and I love to read the blog Pip's Poppies http://pipspoppies.blogspot.com/ . My daughter was so inspired by Helen's creations that she wanted to try needle felting herself. At Weir Crafts http://www.weirdolls.com/ we found the book Wool Pets by Laurie Sharp
and a wool pets needle felting starter kit.

 My daughter couldn't wait to get started.  This book has lots of very nice simple designs for beginners and explains technique well with lots of pictures. Here are some more little animals she made. I still need to help her attach eyes to the penguin and goldfinch. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

She Won!!!!

My family is so excited! My daughter won this very awesome bat.

How could something so wonderful happen? I will tell you. A couple of months ago I found this really great blog Pip's Poppies http://pipspoppies.blogspot.com/2011/09/let-me-introduce-you-to-picktin.html . Helen Priem is the woman behind the blog. I was so impressed by her creations. Her needle felted animals are so realistic and have such personality.
  And the gnomes, Have You Seen the Gnomes!

Just looking at her amazing creations would be enough, but she also writes the most magical stories. My daughter and I got hooked.

Then one day when we were "checking in" to see what was going to happen next, there he was. A gnome, in the buff, hoping along on top of a pumpkin. It turned out that this gnome not only was missing his clothes but also a name.

So Helen said that anyone who could figure out the gnomes name would win this bat.

 My daughter, son, and I all turned in our names. Every few minutes they would want to check the blog and see if a name was picked. As I would go to the computer they would sing and dance " the gnome song" they came up with. And then it happened, a name was chosen, the name was Picktin! The name my daughter submited.

That is how this wonderful bat, now named Skyler came from the Netherlands to live with us.                                                                                                    
Helen also sent my son,( who couldn't figure out why we couldn't drive to pick up the bat)this wonderful map of Europe with the Netherlands marked on it. He loves it! We are going to put it on the wall of our school room.
 Thank you Helen for your generosity and your blog, it brightens our day!