Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Here She Is..

finally finished.
It has been difficult working on her without my daughter noticing. It was so much easier when she was younger. I've done a little here and there and now she is finally finished. With fall coming up I felt she needed a sweater which I knit out of Patons Classic Wool.  I've knitted scarves and hats in the past and I have crocheted many baby sweaters but this is my first attempt at knitted sweater. I decided to make it up as I went, which means there was plenty of taking out and redoing. I used a stockinette stitch for the whole sweater only reversing the direction at the collar to give the stitch a different look.
I crocheted her shoes out of the same yarn as the sweater. I just love Mary Jane's!
Now Patience will just have to wait patiently until the birthday celebration :)


  1. Anita, your daughter would love her to bits ! She shows a lot of love in her little face !
    And b.t.w. there is a bat coming your way !!! YAY !

  2. Thank You Helen! We are sooooo excited! The bat will be treasured. Your creations have inspired my daughter to start needle felting herself. It will be a week on Sunday and she just can't get enough:) I will try to post some pics this weekend.

  3. That would be wonderful !! I love to see pics !
    And Anita: you have to send me your address, the post office lady said to at least add a streetname to "the land of Brung" :-)

  4. Oops! I just sent an email to you with our info. It would be an awfully long way for him to fly without the help of the post:)


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