Sunday, February 3, 2013


Here is Julie. She was all made up and it was time to start work on her hair. She was very excited to be able to go out and choose her own hair colour. The whole way there she was asking should I be a blonde or a brunette. I guess I should have realized then that she was going to have a hard time making decisions. 

After about 45 minutes at the store she narrowed down her choices.  She chose to be a blonde but then couldn't decide on the shade.

It was getting late so I told her we could bring both of them home and decide which was her favourite later.

She was quite happy. But when we got home she just couldn't sit still. She looked at the yarn in different rooms to see if the lighting made a difference. Then she preceded to put the yarn on her head and ask everyone in the house what they thought.

First the light one.

Then the darker shade.

Then she remembered something.
 She had seen pictures of Angelina's hair and thought maybe combining the two shades would work.

While she was in the dolly workshop she stumbled across a third shade of yarn and tried all three together.

What a dilemma!
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  1. I just love your dolls! And I think that Julie would look beautiful in the dark blonde. Have a great day, Holly

    1. Thank You Holly! I'm so glad you like them. I do like the dark blonde too. I think Julie will have her mind made up this weekend. Thanks for commenting, anita :)


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