Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mr. and Mrs. Bunny

         Mr. and Mrs Bunny are all dressed up for Easter.
 They were made using another adorable pattern by Gingermelon. It's the Pocket Bunny pattern and you can find it at her etsy shop here

The bunnies are hand stitched and embroidered by me. I use a merino blend wool  and stuff with eco wool (which means it hasn't been treated with yucky chemicals) The bunnies are about 7.5 inches to the tops of there ears and Mrs. Bunny has her cheeks lightly blushed with bees wax.

These cute little bunnies will be available for adoption tomorrow night 7:00pm Eastern Time at my etsy shop


  1. Your little bunnies are so sweet Anita! I just love the soft colours you've chosen for them and their dear little faces!
    ~Shelly xo

  2. Thank You Shelly:)I always get a little nervous when I try new colours!


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