Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Boy Dolls

My son was sad that I was making dolls for his sister and none for him. So I figured I needed to do something.

My daughter had received a Waldorf style tooth fairy pillow from her cousin when she was younger and it is still one of her favorite friends that sits on her bed.
Since my son had his first loose tooth I thought this would be a great doll to make  him for Christmas.
The tooth didn't know my plans and came out sooner than I expected, so I rushed a little making him.

I made the head in a traditional Waldorf fashion sans nose.
He has little french knots for eyes and I used a cotton flannel to make his body and hood. The line of blanket stitching across the middle is where the pocket for the tooth is.

 A great head tutorial can be found here .

My son loved the doll and it encouraged me to make some more.

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