Friday, September 21, 2012


Did anybody guess Cotton Candy Dolls?
My daughter loves dolls that she can hold in her hand and play with. When I saw the Cotton Candy dolls at Gingermelon's Etsy shop I fell in love with these girls and their wool felted hair. I knew instantly that I would have to make one. The pattern can be found here Cotton Candy Doll Pattern
I thought it would be fun if  these three friends had eyes that matched their dresses. So I used the same iridescent safety eyes I used on my crochet dolls. You can read more about the eyes on my post Here.

This is Paige I used Oat coloured felt for her body and Swan colored felt for her dress.
I put her hair up in high pigtails.

Here is a view from the back.

Next I made Allison. Her body is made from Cinnamon coloured felt and her dress is Fern.

I put her hair in low pig tails and I gently needled the ends into little puffs.
Finally I made Maria. Her body is toast coloured felt and her dress lavender.

I gathered her hair back into a low bun and needle felted it firmly in place.

I didn't use woven felt for the clothing. So even though I put snaps under the buttons of the overalls it will be hard to take them on and of several times with out them pulling out of shape.
If that happens I guess I will have to get some woven felt and make her a new dress. :)

Again the patterns and directions from Gingermelon were great. And included how to needle felt hair onto the doll, which I had never done before. The application instructions were wonderful and I had fun playing with different hairstyles.

These are great dolls to make for either beginning or more experienced doll makers.

Since I made presents for my daughter I also needed to make some for my son.
 So which Gingermelon patterns do you think I used? 

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