Thursday, September 27, 2012


Here is the Trio I made for my son's Christmas present. They are about the same size as the girls I made for my daughter and of course they are designed by Gingermelon. You can find the patterns at her Etsy shop
They are all so cute I will have to eventually make them all.

Even though the Fox and Dog are girls in the pattern it was super easy to make them into boys. I just left off the eyelashes and put them in a shirt and shorts.

Well Gingermelon week has been about 2 weeks and though I will be moving onto some other exciting projects I know I will have to get more Gingermelon patterns in the future.

Things I have learned through this process.
1. I really like using wool blend felt. The felt from Benzie Bazaar is an heirloom quality merino blend that is soft to the touch and holds it's shape.

2. Buy the colour chart. I was never quite sure if I was picking the right colour by looking online and had to email Shelly (Gingermelon) several times to find the right one. She was wonderful at sharing the colours, Thank You !!.If your computer screen is colour balanced this may not be a problem, but I love seeing the actual pieces of felt and am much happier now that I own this.

3. When working with felt you want to make sure your edges are cut very smooth. I found using applique scissors (right side) worked best for me.

4.Since I work at my kitchen table having somewhere to store my projects is essential. The top right corner is the container I use. one side is a large zipper compartment. I like to keep my wool stuffing there. The other zipper compartment has alot of little zippered areas where I keep patterns, notions , needdles ect.

5. Little paper pieces are easy to lose! I now put each set of patterns in it's own snack size ziplock bag.

I love using wool for stuffing.  The wool retains body heat so the dolls are extra warm and cuddly.The wool I use is from Weir Crafts
I like that it is sustainably grown wool that's exceptionally clean of chemicals and pesticides.

By the way I don't get compensated by any of the companies I blog about. I just know when I'm reading a blog and there is a project I want to try I want to know the specific materials and resources they use, so  I always try share that info.

                                   This is Peter the Dog,
                                                                                                                                                                               Flash the Cat, (named after our own striped cat)
                                                                                                                                                                   and David the Fox. I so wish we had a fox!

I hope everyone enjoyed Gingermelon week(s)!                          
      My daughter has a birthday coming up in November my next blog will feature something I designed for her :)

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  1. THanks for the tips and resources, so glad to get some felt reviews - I have been scouring the net to find the right one so will try your recommendation!


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